• Course Cost: $250 
  • Pre-requisites: None
  • Class duration: 4 hours  
  • Location: Kyle, TX
  • Date: 17 September, 2022
  • Time: 1100 – 1500

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Counter – Active Shooter Course (CAS)
“CAS” is a 4-hour block of training that includes a cadre led discussion which identifies the most likely and most dangerous situations that one might be confronted with by an armed assailant. These data points then become the basis for subsequent planning, selection of equipment and training exercises. The employment of Pistol marksmanship, Close Quarters Shooting, and Urban Warfare are the hallmark of skills that students practice in order to enhance their ability to survive, fight and win in an armed encounter involving a criminal active shooter.

Airsoft pistols, provided by Hybrid Tactics, are solely utilized in training exercises for this course. The use of Airsoft pellets allow for real-time feedback regarding the efficient employment of the training objectives.

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