Evasion and Recovery is one of the most important aspects addressed during the planning of a mission. If things go awry, you and your team may be faced with having to evade hostile personnel, while attempting to return to friendly lines. An important aspect of this portion of your evasion and recovery plan is having the ability to provide your location to friendly forces – perhaps even surreptitiously.
As a former member of the special operations community, and as a security contractor in Baghdad, Iraq, there were many pieces of equipment that I employed in my evasion and recovery plan.
One of the pieces of equipment that I carried during operations was the Phoenix Jr. Infrared Beacon. When connected to a 9-volt battery, the Phoenix Jr. Infrared Beacon emits an IR signal that is visible at long range through a night vision device.
I have attached some photographs in order to assist in providing some context to the size and utilization of the Phonenix IR Jr. Beacon.
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Krieger is a veteran of the United States Army Special Forces Command.  He spent 22 1/2 years in the service of our country and continues to deploy as an Unconventional Asset Recovery Agent.  Krieger is one of the primary instructors for many of the Hybrid Tactics courses, and provides private classes.  To sign up for a personalized course with Krieger or any of our Hybrid Tactics instructor, contact us by sending an email to HybridTactics18@gmail.com or click the following link: https://hybridtacticssecurity.org/…/the-private-basic.